Emerging Arts

A Motivation Towards Future Investments

Supporting emerging artists and nurturing new talents has been at the heart of Jodar Artistry’s mission since the very beginning. We recognize and strongly believe in the importance of supporting young creatives bursting with new ideas in getting a well-deserved debut in the art scene. Embracing the work of tens of rising-to-stardom artists, we pledged ourselves to empower emerging artists at the start of their careers, brimming with dynamism, innovation, and enthusiasm.


“Any push in the right direction is momentous, and as an art curator and artist the most exciting part about empowering the up-and-coming artists is watching their progress with time and support their creative endeavors.”. Says Raida Shahin, managing founder of Jodar.

Meeting an artist at a crucial point in their career, when they are at their most energized, excited, and often brave, is a responsibility that we do not disparage, we prepare them to gain their first-time large-scale exposure, supporting them through every step of the way: from the operation and logistical aspects, the curation and hanging to marketing, press, and sales. After exhibiting the artworks, we continue to shine a spotlight on these emerging artists, through the different platforms, helping those young artists connect with an art-loving audience that will continue to support them as their career grows.


Identifying future success does not come with a recipe or equation, it depends largely on experience and knowledge. Being committed to presenting smart and intellectually challenging work with a conceptual leaning rises an overarching question; whether the artist is giving a new perspective in an imaginative, aesthetically pleasing, and technically competent way and do we connect with the work or with the artist’s passion. This question is the caliber that led us through our journey so far.

Turning into a fiasco, a young artist feels safe to be an heir to the traditions of the past, bringing no new perspectives. But, we seek the fearless experimentation, the inventive use of materials, the creative thinking that has exploded the art-making pursuits beyond the mere act of painting.


Unfailingly, we are drawn to art that reflects the present. Our motivation touches on the practical and the altruistic, so you might agree with us on the benefits of collecting newer artists:

  1. Affordability: While the price is sometimes used to make statements about self-worth, it may not necessarily reflect the real value of a work. Similarly, thinking of art as a commodity and the term “affordable art” does not jeopardize the value of work neither.
  2. Supporting ones’ career: We all know how difficult breaking into any market can be, and building a career is no small feat. When you acquire their work it’s safe in the knowledge that you’ve supported an up-and-coming name to start a career.
  3. A thrilling quest for adventure: It is vague to project a young artist’s future path but it can be exhilarating to observe the development of a star.
  4. Relativity: Artists of this generation invariably reflect the spirit of our times. They are in tune with contemporary culture, their work speaks our language and aligns with our lives.
  5. Investment potential: It is challenging to figure out the real value of work that has not stood the test of time. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the investment potentials of emerging art.

Lastly, most passion-driven collectors simply buy art that they love and all of the above may be irrelevant to them. Those are the ones that the art community needs the most and should truly be admired.