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Proprietary Rights

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Personal Use Criteria

The following are a list of conditions where We, Jodar Artistry, give individuals permission to link to (or copy) JPEG images and other material at no charge or legal penalties

  • You may print a copy of any photograph for personal reference without further permission.
  • Students are welcome to download images and incorporate them into school reports, presentations, etc. for free so long as proper credit/citation is given, without my further permission.
  • Anyone can download images from Desktops / Wallpapers for the express use of displaying them on screen on any personal computer that is not being used for commercial or public viewing purposes.
  • Any other Jodar Invest entity is welcome to use the material on this website to link back to another Jodar Invest website globally.

Free Web Usage Criteria

The following conditions define the authorization for use of the image on the Web, free of charge, so long as proper attribution of copyright is given to Jodar Artistry name, website, and email addresses listed in this website in said attribution.

  • You may make LINKS to the images on pages you maintain for yourself for personal, non-commercial use.
  • If you are preparing FREE online site guides for other photographers, bloggers, and photograph forums, you may make use of these images, BUT ONLY IF YOU ATTRIBUTE THEM AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.

Copyright Protection Tactics

In attempts to maintain the integrity of the copyrighted material found on this site, several copyright protection methods have been utilized. Some of these tactics include, but are not limited to:

  • Placement of watermarks
  • Resizing of images
  • Conversion of images to low resolution for web use

If you would like to use a specific material with some of the copyright protection tactics removed, please e-mail me at and describe what the intended use of the imagery with the copyright protections tactics reduced.

Copyright Infringement is Serious

The act of infringing on a copyright is a very serious business and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. we have worked very hard to present you with a quality work experience and we kindly ask that you will refrain from copying anything from the site onto your own hard drive, diskette(s), printer, etc. You are welcome to copy the hyperlinks to other sites, however, we ask that you do no copy any of the graphics, photographs, or articles from this site for your own use (other than the terms stated above). Doing so is an infringement of International copyright laws.


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