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Classes & Workshops

The center offers art classes and workshops throughout the year (dates of workshops change according to number of students that register)

We run small classes, a maximum of five students in a session.

All classes are provided at two levels, the beginners and advanced.


Women’s Empowerment Through Art

The exhibition is for a group of female artists from different…


{English below}"كيف تبدو الروح المستعادة…

Roots by Nahla Asia

تحت رعاية الشريفة الفنانة التشكيلية…

Pillars of Fine Art Movement in Jordan

Undoubtedly, Jordan is a Middle Eastern haven for art, and some might say that the emersion of Jordanian fine art stages back to the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan. Surely, we don’t gainsay, rather we’d like to shed a light on the pioneers of the fine art movement in Jordan.

In Jodar Artistry, the home [dar in Arabic], we congregate in the name of art, and as we take you on this voyage, we ought to state that the itinerary of this voyage will be continuously updated, and we will be traversing through different eras.

Diana Shamounki

From an early age, Diana Shamounki was driven by a passion for art and a deep love for the landscapes, people and spirit of her native land

Clara Amadou Khreis

A native of Barcelona, Spain, Clara Amado studied drawing, painting, graphic arts and mural painting in Barcelona, Mexico and Italy.

Art Blog

Jodar Artistry participation in Dar art fair

Jodar Artistry participation in Dar art fair

Sliman Mansour

Sliman Mansour (born 1947), is a Palestinian painter, considered an important figure among contemporary Palestinian artists

10 Female Artists who contributed to the Art Movement in Jordan

Jodar Artistry celebrates Women's Month & Mother's Day by featuring 10 female artists who contributed to the art movement in Jordan

Egypt International Art Fair

Egypt Int’l Art Fair is the first art fair curated and organized in Egypt with the aim to place Cairo and the art scene in the region in a well-recognized and highly visible platform

Art Influencers in the Arab World

We are introducing the Art Blog by Jodar, and what better way to start than celebrating a very influential figure in Arab art