Nawal AbdelRahim

Nawal Daoud Abdel Rahim, Visual artist,1970, Jordan, Amman. she has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a postgraduate diploma in library science and information, her passion for art was a hobby since childhood hobby that she always seeked to develop and refine by trying to reach the best, she is a member of the Association of Fine Artists – Amman – since 2010, and she uses acrylic and oil colors for her paintings, she choose the career of education and worked as a teacher of computer material for eleven years and then decided to fully dedicate her time for her family. After that she proceeded to develop the artistic side of her career again in a deeper and more comprehensive aspect, she likes that through her paintings she gets to show the importance of women supporting men and treating them as they should be treated and this allows them to nurish their family first, and their community with unconditional love, care and endless giving and thus this will be reflected in humanity. She participated in exhibitions outside Jordan such as Britain, Canada, America, the Netherlands, and Cervo, and several exhibitions inside Jordan. Member of the Association of Fine Artists, Amman – Jordan 2010. Member of the Rally of Borders, Egypt, 2017 Member of the Creative Commons, Arab Republic of Egypt, 2017 Member, Arab International Union for Arts and Architecture, 2018