Mais Alazab

Mais Alazab is a Jordanian design architect and artist. As an architect, she’s interested in designing site-specific works and has been investing in architectural installations as a form of a creative pursuit and an experimental mode of practice. Her line of ink inscriptions art, on the other hand, represents an exploration of the surface space in a manner that veers between constrains of idealized geometrical orders and the beauty of imperfection as it emerges from the handwriting process. While the drawings are intentionally filled with well-curated content of poems and extracts from the Arabic literature, the words merely serve as repeated textural grains for intricate fabric-like surfaces. Alazab holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture with first-class honors from Jordan University and a Master of Architecture from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University during which she undertook art studios at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts. Both her design and artworks have participated in many exhibitions in Jordan, Italy, Spain & the USA. Her ink inscriptions drawings, for example, were mounted in Zara gallery and JODAR artistry in Amman, Casa Árabe in Madrid & Córdoba and the Palestine Museum US in Woodbridge, CT.